What is CAPTINI Social Wifi?

Captini transforms your Guest WiFi into an automated marketing service that keeps your customers engaged and coming back time and time again. We help restaurants, bars, nightclubs, casinos and salons around the World to maximize their Guest WiFi investment.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing by automating perfectly timed communications to the customers that matter the most to your business. Use our VIP feature to up your service game by sending real-time notifications to your staff when your most important customers walk through the door or embrace the future of loyalty with CaptiniPunch.

If that’s not enough, Captini is the Worlds first TripAdvisor enabled WiFi service, letting you turbo-charge your review collection without lifting a finger!

We have been compared to Google analytics for the real world and can offer the same level of visibility that online stores have but applied to physical spaces.

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