Launch your own food ordering systems and make it easy for your customers to order food via their mobile devices and book tables. Entice them further with your menu and specials and increase repeat orders with coupons, deals and inbuilt loyalty systems.


Promote Special Offers

Create and promote unique coupon codes that your customers can redeem the next time they visit your restaurant.  Give your customers another reason to come back.

Instant communication with your customers - Push Notifications

Send out push messages at quiet times and special dates to increase walk in traffic instantly.  Customers typically read a push notification with 3 minutes!

Increase your revenue - Food Ordering System

Add to your bottom line and let your customers order food and pay for it directly through their mobile devices.  Stop giving 10-30% of your revenue to 3rd parties

Increase Customer Loyalty

Keep your customers mouth watering by enticing them to come back with loyalty rewards and treats.  A 5% increase in customer loyalty = 25-100% increase in profitability.

Table Reservation

Increase business and let your customers make table bookings and reservations with a few simple clicks.

Understand what's working - Analytics

Get a return on your investment and see how many orders have been made, dollars spent and apps downloaded.  Discover what works for your customers and your business.

Promote your Menu & Specials

Allow your customers to view your menus and specials on their smart devices and let them enjoy your chefs’ best dishes.

Improve your brand recognition and contact points

Let your customers email and call you with a single click and give them turn by turn GPS directions to your restaurant.

Your restaurant can achieve customer recognition through a mobile app and can give you added kudos versus your competitors. Customer retention can be enhanced through a mobile app by giving your customers the convenience of booking a table, browsing your menus as well as ordering and paying for food through the mobile app. A mobile app for your restaurant can allow you to market directly to your existing customers giving them instant access to your social media footprint; along with the free push message system, allowing you to let your customers know about your latest offers and news.